Hello Everyone! As you all know we are all about life by design here, and I want to talk to you about one of the foundational concepts that we work on – our mindset. I’m talking about our ability to control our own thoughts.


Sometimes my thoughts tend to get a little out of control, so I want to talk to you about a few strategies I use to shift the direction of my thought process. Because you have the power to do so!


1. Finding and then using your FREE PHRASE


What is a free phrase? It’s a phrase that you use to free you from the negative thoughts that you want to escape! Just to give you a real-life example, ALL THE TIME as a mom of two young boys I find myself in situations where I am having to practice patience, right? Sometimes I lose control and I find myself thinking that those are the times when I could have used my free phrase “Patience as Jesus would”. Essentially when you repeat your free phrase over to yourself it frees you from the negative thoughts and experiences and points you in a positive direction instead! Because we are all about pursuing optimism, right? Well, your free phrase is the way to re-route yourself to the right path.




YOU have the power to CHOOSE. You have the power to choose your thoughts and to control your subconscious. I want you to take hold of that power and really exercise it, because the more you exercise power over your thoughts and mindset, the stronger that power becomes. Sooner or later it will become the default for you to point yourself in the positive direction instead of the negative one!




Who is your higher power? Who is your ultimate assistant? For me it’s Jesus Christ. I know that in situations where I am losing patience or am feeling myself start to slip into the negative thoughts I can reach out and ask the Lord to help me. So, if that’s someone in your household, like your husband, or a sibling, that’s great! You just want to make sure you have someone who is always available to you, someone who is always there to point you in the right direction when you have your moments of vulnerability.


Everything we talked about today is about OWNING your POWER over your mind and your thoughts! I know it can be so hard, it’s definitely not an easy path, but it is worth it if you stick to it! Use the tips I listed above to help you begin and then to help you stick with it.


If you’re feeling like you still need some more clarification, visit the live video here where I go into more detail about my personal journey with this process!


Thanks, lovelies! Talk to you soon!


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