Hi Friends! I’m so happy to have you here! I’m SUPER pumped about the discussion we’re going to have about stepping into YOUR purpose. I’m talking about fighting the good fight, letting your light shine, identifying your gifts and then pursuing them.


The point is that we don’t want to hide in the shadows, right?! We want to discover our purpose, ENGAGE that purpose and then share it with others to cultivate your community!


Alright friends, let’s just take a few minutes to go over why you are so worth showing up for yourself and fighting the good fight!


1) Your purpose is exclusive to YOU, you snooze you lose!


Essentially what I’m talking about here is the purpose that God gives you to live out. If you snooze on living this purpose, you’re losing out on sharing it with the community around you! Now, the good news is if you don’t use it, or if you aren’t currently using it, it doesn’t expire! Right? God doesn’t just give you this amazing, immaculate gift and then take that away from you if it’s not being tapped into! He doesn’t put an expiration date on your gift. BUT, if you sleep on that opportunity every day you’re missing out on the ability to share this unique gift with others! So I’m calling you to step into that purpose, to wake up in the morning and make a conscious decision to live with this purpose that’s been gifted to you!


2) The bigger the call, the bigger the impact


The bigger the call, the bigger potential for impact, right? So you need to step into your purpose, engage in your purpose and then use those gifts to cultivate community and share them with other people! In doing this you access your bigger call – being your purpose – which in turn allows you to have a bigger impact on the community that YOU cultivate, the community that you influence!


3) With practice comes positivity


Here is the beautiful part friends, when you practice these things, when you put these thoughts and goals at the forefront of your mind, you see results! You start to wake up every morning realizing your purpose and wanting to access it! A lot of times in life we have a goal, say working out for example, and we start really strong! We buy the workout DVD’s, we buy the new workout gear, but if we don’t take that DVD off the bookshelf in our living room we aren’t actively practicing, and we don’t see results then, right? So you need to maximize the potential for YOUR exclusive purpose by discovering it, accessing it and then stepping into it. This doesn’t come without practice, right? Without actively making this thought process a part of your daily routine. But, when you do make the effort, when you do put in the practice, you’ll see the positive outcome!


I know some of you are thinking, “why can’t I fight the good fight?” “why do I not have a purpose?” “why do I not have gifts?”. Well, I am here to tell you my beautiful friends that you DO! That you have this exciting, unique purpose given to you by God! You just have to access it. It’s like you’ve been given the key to a lockbox that opens all of your potential, all you have to do is turn the key and access it!


It’s important to put your energy into this, you need to give yourself momentum to fight the good fight! Sometimes it’s hard to get started, but once you go for a short period of time you gain this momentum and you begin to pick up speed! So you practice and with that practice comes the positivity! The more you do the three things I talked about above, the more you acknowledge that you are WORTH fighting the good fight! You are WORTH discovering your exclusive purpose and then sharing that with others in order to have a bigger impact on your community.


My dear friends, I need you to know that it is worth fighting the good fight to follow God. You need to answer that call so you can have a huge impact on the world! You never know what your purpose will call you to do! I want you to reach for God. He’s standing up for you, He’s fighting the good fight FOR YOU! You are worthy friends, so unlock your gift and share it with the world!


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