Hello friends! For those of you who are new to my website and blog, my name is Kori with Kori Ann Faith and I LOVE helping women create and live their lives by design. Which is exactly what we’re going to talk about here!


I want to provide you with the opportunity to catch a glimpse of how I can help you DESIGN and then LIVE your life by design, and I want to help you do that by giving you three steps to help you get started.




This seems cliché, right? Kind of silly to be talking about dreaming big as an adult? But it’s not! I want you to dream, I want you to imagine! When you’re a child you have MASSIVE dreams! You dream you can be a firefighter, or a doctor, or the president! But as you get older and move into adulthood you start to put limits on these dreams, you give them boundaries. So what happens? We go from dreaming we can change the world to not believing in the truth that we can change our own lives. Why? Why do we put boundaries on our dreams? SOCIETY. Society tells us what we should be doing and how we should be doing it, and if you’re not following what society thinks – you are judged, right? Well, I want you to flip that switch, I want you to get into the mindset that society’s judgment is not an issue for you. I want you to start dreaming big again because YOU can make your dreams happen.




How would your life change if you started to dream, and then if you started to actually BELIEVE those dreams could come true? When you start to think you can do it your outlook on life changes; your mindset changes! If you are bold and courageous and if you are ready to take your life to the next level then I want you to start saying your dreams OUT LOUD. Because that will take you to the next step. When you say things out loud they tend to come to fruition because you are putting it out there that this is your dream! This is your hope! This is what you hope to become.




So, you have a dream, you believe in that dream, now you have to figure out how to ACHIEVE that dream, right? The most important part of setting out to achieve your dream would be to take a step, just one step, in that direction. It can be a small step, or it can be a giant leap – but take it. For me, when I take a step in the direction of achievement I’ll stop and evaluate. Was that a step in the right direction or the wrong direction? Then I adjust, and I take another step. I continue this process until I achieve my dream. Friends, this could be a long journey or this could be a short journey. It depends on your dream! Don’t get down on yourself and set an unattainable timeline for you to achieve your dream, because that’s not productive. Rid yourself of the expectation and remember: every step you take is a step towards achievement because you are TAKING the steps.


Now you have some tangible steps to put into practice on how to create and live your life by design. It’s a hard process! It’s not easy, and there will be roadblocks that will continually pop up along your journey. But that’s why I am here! If you have questions or concerns, or just need someone to help you get started, let me know! I’d love to help you create a step-by-step action plan to achieve your dreams.


How did I start dreaming big again? Click HERE to listen to me tell my story!

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