Hello, hello friends! So I want to talk to you a little bit about transition in your life, and what that looks like. That could be multiple different things, right? You could be transitioning from being single to married, married to single, a transition from high school to college or graduating college to getting a job in the workplace. Everyone goes through transitional phases in their lives. Usually, this time is an opportunity for growth if we choose to perceive it to be that way. However, what happens a lot of the time is that we break ourselves down during those transitional periods. We get in situations where we tend to question what we’re doing and why…which is fine! It’s healthy to do that sometimes. But instead of just questioning and then finding a way to GROW we question and then DOUBT ourselves.


That is why I want to talk to you today about the cloak of humanity. What does that mean? What is a cloak of humanity? It’s simply a fancy way to say we as humans make mistakes, we make poor choices and those poor choices often have poor consequences and outcomes. So we just need to acknowledge that we have this cloak of humanity and that we’re not going to be perfect. We’re going to experience transitional phases in our lives and sometimes we just won’t handle it the best way we could. BUT, the beauty of this cloak my friends is that we have a choice to decide how heavy that cloak is going to weigh on our shoulders. That’s why I’m here today! To give you a few tips on how to put yourself in a position to make the MOST out of a transition that you may be experiencing in life.


  1. When you’re going through a transition you need to come from a place of self-love and abundance


Remember that like attracts like, right? So the things that you’re doing and thinking are going to attract similar things. That’s why I say that, that’s why I want you to know that if you’re not loving yourself as you go through your transitional phases you’re not going to be able to give that phase (say it’s going from living a single life to a married life), that relationship, what it deserves. You want to come from an authentic place, and in order for you to be authentic, you have to be experiencing self-love. I get it friends, it’s a JOURNEY! And it’s hard! But I notice that as I take the time to invest in myself, the better and more available I am to pour into those that I love. It’s the same idea with abundance: you pour abundance into your friends and children, so why would you not do the same for yourself? I need you to know that you are WORTHY of pouring abundance into yourself as well! So I want you to think about self-love and abundance and put those things into the forefront of your mind.


  1. Get passionately curious


What I mean by this is that I want you to shift your mindset so that you’re passionately curious about life, about discover, about going through a transition! If you’re passionately curious about the next phase of your life you’re going to be overcome with excitement! Sure, you may still struggle with transitions because they can be scary! But the great thing about going into them with curiosity instead of fear is that you are going to look at the transition as an OPPORTUNITY!


  1. Have an attitude of gratitude


So again, like attracts like, right? So the more that we’re gracious, the more that we have an attitude of gratitude, the more we’re going to attract that! And who doesn’t want more gratitude in their life, right? A tangible tip I can give you to help you accept an attitude of gratitude would be to write down ten things that you are thankful for every day. Just ten things! And if you are having an off day and can’t come up with ten things then only write five, or one! As long as you are practicing being grateful and tangibly acknowledging the amazing things that you have in your life, you will be one step closer to adopting an attitude of gratitude! This will be so helpful to have when facing transitions in your life, so you can say phrases like “thank you for this opportunity to grow” “thank you for this opportunity to challenge myself” instead of dreading transitional phases in your life you can be excited and curious about them!


Friends, we all know it can be painful to grow. That’s why they are called “growing pains”. Anytime you’re transitioning in life there are going to be some growing pains, but that’s okay! That’s really when I want you to re-evaluate and re-visit the things that we covered today. The next time you experience a transition in life, or maybe you’re going through one right now, I want you to come from a place of self-love and abundance. This is a good step for you, you deserve to go through this transition with an abundance of support and love from other people. Then I want you to get passionately curious about what this transition may hold for you. Then I want you to have an attitude of gratitude about that transition in your life. About the new opportunities it may hold and the new friends it may bring! There will be bumps through any transitional phase but they key is not to let the cloak of humanity (those bumps!) weigh too heavily on your shoulders.


Okay lovelies, if you want to watch the LIVE video about your cloak of humanity, plus get in on some bonus content, click here!


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