In this series you have been introduced to the entire process and provided details on mindset. Now that you are working on shifting your mind set, you will experience a different set of incomes with your emotions.


Once we have shifted our mindset, then our emotional experience is different. First let’s examine why this is. Do you remember when I said “what you think about you bring about”? I and mentioned this in the introduction of this series. What thoughts we put into our mind, is what we think about. Our emotions are created based on what we think about (mindset).


When we surround our self with an environment to excellence so we can excel and expose ourselves to daily gratitude and optimism ( via gratitude journals and positive affirmations), then our emotions tend to experience a shift. They shift from the negative toy the positive. We begin to EXPERIENCE life EMOTIONALLY. By emotionally, I mean in CONTROL of our emotions. Our emotions become optimistic, our own, intentional & uplifting. Our life becomes enhanced and enriched and we are better able to serve others through our enhanced experiences.


Simply put, we process things differently which causes us to RECEIVE and INTERPRET experiences in a different way. When our emotions are better managed then our actions will reflect that.


Many of you ask me how you can be an influencer and how you can inspire others. This is your starting point! Let’s not focus on having a million followers on social media, but instead focus on serving ONE person in an authentic manner and via the ripple affect, you just may influence a million others via the ripple affect!


Make it a great day!

Smiles & Blessings


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