When we have a positive shift in mindset, then our emotions are better as well. When we have improved emotions, our actions are improved also. This is not only the case for US as adults, but also for our children. If they see us shouting vulgarities instead of asking for help or taking deep breaths, then they will begin to adopt that as their reality as well. We must keep in mind that our actions don’t only affect us, but also those around us.


Why is it important that we have positive actions that we can be grateful for? This is vital because its part of the cyclical Mindset, emotion & action trifecta. When we produce action that makes us feel good, it’s easier for us to feel good, which results in more consistency with a grateful mindset.


When I refer to “feeling good”, i’m not referring to surface level gratification. I’m referring to the depths of our being. The deep intrinsic greatness that we were made for. At our core, we know right from wrong. At our core we know what true JOY feels like. At our core, we know when something feels AUTHENTICALLY good. This is created from our actions that are a direct result of our emotions cultivated through our mindset.


When we are feeling whole, joyful and abundant, then we can share these emotions with others. When we feel re-charged and IN CHARGE of our    emotions and actions then we can pursue our purpose and share our gifts with the world. When we share our gifts, we inspire, enrich and enlighten others to do the same.


One action at a time is how we will become the authentic and highest functioning version of ourselves, that we were meant to be!


Smiles & Blessings


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