kori-about-1Hello, Hello!


My name is Kori and I am a certified personal trainer and the owner & founder of Kori Ann Faith. I LOVE to serve others (just like YOU!) and I am delighted that our paths have crossed!


I am passionate about helping others determine their purpose. Then we explore your passions and enrich,uplift and enlighten your life by leveling up your mindset, enhancing your fitness and achieving life balance so you can live your LIFE BY DESIGN!


I am a Christian mom and wife who is excited about wellness and sharing how we can all step into our greatness by embracing the unique gifts we were blessed with. I grew up in a military family and this caused me to constantly step outside my comfort zone and REALLY get to know others. I had to navigate unknown paths, new surroundings and embrace OPPORTUNITY!


Those life experiences have been some of my greatest gifts. I learned so much about embracing who I am, over coming fear, creating systems to organize my busy and constantly changing/evolving life, continuing education and taking care of my body. Now, I am ready to share my answers, gifts & experiences to enhance, enrich and enlighten the lives of others.