Let’s talk about intuition. People ask me all the time to define intuition. I think people sometimes believe that it is a little too “out there” or that it is something that can only be experienced if you are a believer. What I would say to that is to both believers and non-believers, intuition is that thing inside of you. That thing that guides you from the deepest part of you, and you should allow it!


Now that you have an idea of what intuition is, I want to talk to you about living intuitively. For the longest time I didn’t live this way, I felt this resistance against me and I felt like I had to work SO HARD to take the smallest step forward. I want to share three steps with you that really helped me move past this, these steps helped me get unstuck and live my life intuitively.


1. Get Quiet and Listen


We’re all busy, we all have a lot going on, right? Sometimes we get so caught up in the little things that we stop doing the things that add value to our lives. For example, you just bought your first house, so you feel the need to fill it with things, furniture, décor, etc. You forget the value that the house brings to your family and friends. The VALUE of having a place to host your loved ones and the value of having placed a roof over your family’s head. This is what I mean about the things that add value to our lives. This is where the intuition comes in. It’s not always about listening with your ears, getting quiet and listening to your intuition is how you practice living intuitively. Because that feeling deep down inside of you will tell you whether or not the things you are doing add value to your life.


2. Get out of your Head and into your Heart


This second step wraps seamlessly into the first step. It’s about following your intuition. Getting out of your head, and what the world tells you adds value to your life, and figuring out in your heart what REALLY adds value.


3. Choose


This is the tough step, right? You have the power to choose to live an intuitive life, and this is an exceptional gift. So exercise it! Exercise your right to choose. Because there is a better way to live, friends. You can choose to be the person who taps into their gifts and lives by adding value to not only your life but the people’s lives around you!


Instead of walking through life in confusion and anxiety and depression, choose to tap into your intuition and live with value. I really encourage you to acknowledge that your intuition is there. It’s there, you just have to get quiet and listen. Listen to that inner voice and get out of your head and into your heart. Realize what brings value to your life and then live in that! Choose to make the conscious decision to live that every day, because you have that choice.


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