Hello, lovelies! I’m so happy to have you here! I want to chat with you about a few things today. Three steps, specifically, for you to take to get “unstuck”.


I just want to take a minute to really highlight how much I appreciate you and care for you. It’s why I wanted to chat about getting “unstuck”, today! I know how hard it is because I’ve been there. That’s life, right? So, I wanted to give you three tangible steps you can follow to start the process!


Before we dive in I want you to think about where you’re feeling resistance in life. Where are you feeling stuck? What in your life has you feeling like there’s no way forward?


Now, take that situation, that thing, that person – whatever it may be – and let’s walk through these steps with that in mind.


1. Identify your problem


We already started this above, right? I want you to really think, even if it’s painful, about what in your life is blocking you from moving forward. Take some time, get into a quiet space and analyze where your blockage is coming from. We want to get rid of that. In order to do that, I want you to shift your mindset. So instead of thinking about all of the things in your life you DON’T have, shift your mindset to instead think about ACHIEVING those things.


For example: If your blockage is money, instead of thinking “I want to stop being poor” you should be thinking “I want to have more money”. Do you see the small positive shift just on the way you’re phrasing it? They both mean the same thing, but instead of the “I don’t have” you are focusing on the “I want to have”. Even better, shift that to present tense “I have more money”, This will reinforce the desired outcome.


2. Identify your desired outcome


This should be easy, right?! We did it above. So again, if you’re “stuck” due to a lack of money, your desired outcome would be to “have more money”. But let’s get really specific here. Instead of “I want to have more money” maybe outline the exact amount of money that would help you get “unstuck”.


For example: If you are swamped with $10,000 of credit card debt your goal would eventually be to pay off that debt in order to get “unstuck”, right? So, your desired outcome would be: I want to have $10,000 in order to pay off all of my debts. Start speaking to yourself as if it’s already happened, “I am debt free”.


3. Create a step by step action plan


This can be intimidating. But I want you to bear with me here. The way that I create the step by step action plans for myself and my clients is by reverse engineering. This means I start at the end (the desired outcome) and work my way backward.


For example: Let’s say we’re in the month of March and we have 31 days, and let’s say you want to achieve your goal – you want to be “unstuck – by the end of March. You know you have 31 days, right? You want to look at where you want to be at day 31: with your $10,000 debt paid off. You want to then work your way back into small manageable chunks until you get your step by step action plan. Break those 31 days down into four weeks – every week you want to earn $2,500 of extra income. Then break those weeks down into days – every day you want to sell two items online for a combined amount of $350. This is just an example, friends, but I’m showing you how you can break down your end goal by working backward to create your step by step action plan.


Getting “unstuck” is such a journey, and it doesn’t usually happen in 31 days. However, that’s why I am here for you. I can help you identify your problem, identify your desired outcome and then CREATE a step by step action plan for you. Because you are WORTHY of being unstuck, my friends! You deserve to live a life that you desire. You deserve to live a fruitful life. I am here to help you do just that.


As always, click HERE for the link to my live video for bonus content!

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