Are you living a lukewarm life by simply existing or are you on fire and REALLY LIVing?
Are you conforming to others ideas of who you “should be” or are you embracing your inner rock star? Alright lovely, let’s have a little come to Jesus meeting.

Let me ask you again… are you simply existing or are you really LIVing?
Have you stepped completely into your purpose or are you still discovering it?
Are you really exploring your greatness or are you just surviving through the mundane activities of every day?

I’m going to share three reasons why you need to let your light shine and not just shine but shine bright! I feel like so many of us aren’t acknowledging our worth, and I’ve struggled with this too! I’ve learned how to work through it & now I’m here to hook you up! (P.S. If you want to see my original live video about this instead of reading about it, check it out HERE!)

This is about YOU! It’s not about helping your neighbor become a better person. It’s not about helping your dog lose 10lbs. It’s about you and your journey with growing yourself. It’s really about being in touch with yourself, understanding what you need in order to get the most out of this “growing up and growing out journey”.

I’ve come up with some simple, tangible steps for you! Practice these DAILY and I promise you, you will reap the benefits!

  1. When you show up you grow UP.

When you show up for your life you grow. You expand and you learn new things. When you show up for you and are ready to do the work FOR YOU, you will grow. You will learn new things and you will be able to share those new gifts with others!

  1. When you grow up you grow OUT.

As you’re growing and you’re expanding, you’re going to reach out and you will begin to infiltrate other areas of your community. You will begin to influence, affect, enrich, inspire and enlighten the lives of other people around you. This step is all about letting your light shine!
What makes you unique? What makes you special? What gifts and talents do you possess that make you an amazing friend, brother, mother, sister, father to the people that surround you? You are making moves to acknowledging your self-worth.

  1. When you grow out you EXPAND.

Right now you’re growing up and out – think about it like nature. As a little sprout starts growing up, the sprout is learning how to absorb the water and pull energy from the sun. When it starts growing up, then it gets little spurts where it grows out, like it’s exploring it’s community, just like you. Then after that, you expand your influence because you cover more ground. It’s the same thing with ourselves. Don’t stop your light from shining to people across the world! You’ve grown OUT, your friends are seeing this change within you – now expand even further and let your light shine to the people across the globe! You can make a change on a global level, you just have to realize your self-worth, my friend!

So what is stopping you? You would encourage this for your kids, you would encourage this growth for your closet friends and family. Why not yourself? It all goes back to that lack of self-worth. There are so many things and influences in today’s world that stop us from seeing our worth through God’s eyes.

Well, I’m here to tell you that you ARE worth it, that you are worth searching inside for that motivation and working hard to make yourself this person you want to be! My dear, sweet friend, when you grow up and grow out its the best way to influence the people around you! You need to take yourself to the next level in order to help other people out of those deep, dark holes and spaces.

I want to share a book that has really resonated with me. It’s a piece of my journey that I’ve utilized to help me move past living a lukewarm life. This book has really reminded me that I AM a rockstar, I have the ability to show up and grow up through my everyday life. I wanted to share this with you so you can be reminded of that as well. Because you are a rockstar, my friend!

1)Take step 1 and start growing by reading this AMAZING BOOK (<click here)!
2)Then tag me @koriannfaith in a post with a picture of yourself and let me know you are starting this journey and making time for YOU! I am excited to follow your journey!

You have gifts, talents, and abilities that only you can offer this world in the unique way that’s within you. The world needs what you have because you are VALUABLE.

Stop simply existing and go out into the world and let your LIGHT REALLY SHINE BRIGHT by really LIVing.


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