Hi, friends! I’m so happy to talk about this topic with you. I find that so many of us know that we are meant for something more or FEEL like we were meant to be doing more, but it’s hard for us to pinpoint or articulate what that actually is.


So today I want to talk about the three essential must-haves for you to live the life that you were created for.


1. Your circle of influence


Who is your circle of influence? Essentially these are the five people you most frequently surround yourself with. We were created to be social beings so there are certain things we need in order to thrive in life; your circle of influence is one of those things. I know a lot of times we think these people have to fall into specific categories.  For example, I must have one family member, one personal friend, one spiritual friend, etc. I want you to let that go! You need to get in-tune with your intuition and really evaluate who it is that brings you life, who you should be surrounding yourself with. This is such a vital step in helping you live the life you were created to live! You need strong people around you to support you on this journey.


2. Open-mindedness


This is a tough one. For me, I had a familiar zone, and even though it wasn’t necessarily comfortable, and it wasn’t serving me I would always default to that zone because it was familiar. I was never able to grow into the life I was created to live because I was stuck in my familiar zone. Now, I say this with the caveat that we need to listen to our intuition and allow that to guide us through being open-minded. We do not need to experience EVERYTHING simply because it’s outside of our familiar zone, but we do need to be open-minded enough to experience the things that are going to allow us to grow. You’ve heard me say it before, but in order to get where we’ve never been, we have to do the things we’ve never done!


3. Intuitive living


This goes right along with number two, right? Part of intuitive living is LISTENING intuitively. If we can get quiet and listen to that voice in our head that I like to call your soul whisper, we can allow that to guide our heads to where we need to go. It’s going to allow us to be open-minded enough to travel a new path – a path of less resistance.


Are you or someone you know currently NOT living the life that you want? A life that you know you’re meant to live, but just can’t figure out how to get there? That’s where I come in! Please contact me and let’s talk about how I can create a step-by-step action plan to put you on the path of least resistance, a path that will lead you to the life you were created to live.


Check out my live video to get some insight into my heart space and how I changed my life by living intuitively.


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